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Today, the most popular type of furniture among all types of sofas is classic furniture because this sofa is both steel and comfortable. That is, on the one hand, it has preserved the shape, patterns, curves, inlays, and delicate appearance mixed with the wood of steel sofas, and on the other hand, it has kept the comfort, softness and comfort of the comfortable sofas.

Classic sofas, like other types of sofas, have a lot of variety; Some are simpler and some are more flamboyant, some have thin handles and some have wide handles, some have long backs and some have short backs, some have wide inlays and some use inlays. It is limited to a delicate golden border with a row of flowers or leaves. Some classic furniture sets are more elegant and compact, and some bulky are more impressive and ….

But in the meantime, the classic Denise sofa with relatively full inlaid handles and bases has maintained the atmosphere of steel furniture well. At the same time, the sofa handles have been cleverly turned into a soft backrest. They are perfect to provide a more comfortable living space for their owners. Also, in order for this initiative not to make the design of the sofa look bulky and reduce its visual elegance, the bases and the back center of the sofa are more compact and elegant. It has been done. Denise sofa is a good choice for formal and classic spaces. Today, a home without a sofa makes no sense, meaning that furniture is an integral part of the home. The choice of furniture can vary depending on the taste of the people and the type of home decoration.

Denise Classic Sofa is a sofa set with Maserati fabric and all-wood coil with cold foam injected into the floor. The bases of this sofa are made of Russian wood and the crown is made of fiberglass.

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