Marlin sofa

Proper furniture can change the mood of your home and give a new color to your room. Buying furniture is not so easy and you should pay attention to the small points while choosing and buying the furniture you want so that you do not regret your choice later.

What are the characteristics of a good sofa?

  • The back height of a good sofa should be such that it protects the shoulders and part of the neck.
  • The back of a standard sofa should be able to cover the lower back.
  • The height of the sofa from the ground should be such that the legs are not stretched or bent.
  • If the upholstery of the sofa is made of leather, it should have an uneven surface to prevent sweating.
  • The different parts of the sofa should have a standard softness so that they are not so firm as to disturb the
  • comfort and not so soft that the wooden parts of the sofa are touched.
  • The weight of the sofa is one of the features that should be considered. Home furniture should be light in weight and easy to carry.


What is the best type of fabric to buy a good sofa?

One of the parts that attracts the attention of every viewer when buying a sofa is the fabric used in the sofa. In fact, the fabric of the sofa is as important as the foam and sponge, and if it does not have the necessary durability and resistance, it will wear out very quickly and you will have to put it in your pocket again.

Therefore, when buying 6 dangs, be careful to choose the best and most suitable fabric for your sofa. Of course, there are many upholstery fabrics on the Chinese market, but you have to choose the best one. Be careful not to stretch the fabric or tear the lint over time. In the meantime, to ease your mind, ask the seller about this and ask him to confirm the strength of the fabric in the warranty.


Turkish fabrics are another type of fabric used in furniture making that has its fans. If you are going to buy royal furniture, remember that the best type of fabric in making this type of furniture is the fabrics of Yazd Iran. Even the sellers of sofas do not think that this type of fabric is for royal sofas. And it is interesting that in some cases it has been seen that Turkey buys this type of fabric and finally sells it under the name of Turk.

Chanel fabrics are nanomicro velvet, royal and are some of the fabrics that are available in the market and are used in making sofas. The most common models are sofas with velvet fabrics and royal fabrics. If you take a look at the market, you may find that royal fabrics are used for royal furniture, velvet for comfortable furniture, and leather fabrics for “L” furniture.

Of course, the choice of fabric is a matter of taste and depends on the customer’s opinion, but for further guidance, we must say that usually glossy velvet fabric is the best fabric for a comfortable sofa. Always keep in mind that the density of the fabric is very important and that when you touch it, it is a piece and you can feel its compression by touching it. Another good way to know the density of a fabric is to expose it to light.

Glossy velvet is a suitable fabric for steel sofas and gives this type of sofa a special beauty. Usually the weight of a good fabric is heavier and price is not always the criterion for being better. Furniture that does not have a good material does not have beauty, and you can feel this at first sight. Improper sofas have a matte color.

Marlin sofa

Marlin sofa has narrow bases and very comfortable seating, and its handles are installed in such a way that the pressure of the hand is evenly distributed between the sofa and the hand, making it more comfortable. Its high quality leather makes it easy and beautiful to clean. The impressive beauty of this type of sofa makes it the center of attention of home decoration.

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