Boston sofa

Today, furniture has become the focal point of interior decoration and has office, home and public applications. There are different types of sofas for different applications. Among the general categories are comfortable and classic sofas. When you look at the sofas, you will see that there is no wood in the body of these sofas, and they have short bases and wide handles, and they have a better price compared to steel furniture. At the same time, compared to small size steel furniture, very little wood is seen in this model, and they generally weigh less than classic and royal sofas, and are also very economical in terms of price. Because they do not have the carving of wood and the delicacy of using wood. Comfort sofas are usually offered for 7 people.

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Touch embroidery for steel sofas or comfortable sofas

Touch embroidery is an art of sewing that is used with eleven different sewing styles for the living area and the back of the sofa or their handles from the outside. In the past, this process was commonly used for classic sofas in the shape of rhombuses with pearl or stone studs. But due to the great comfort while sitting using this art, this art is also used on sofas these days. Touch embroidery requires very durable fabrics because the work under the master is very stretched so that the studs settle in the work. In addition to providing comfort, it also provides a special visual effect. In the past, the art of embroidery was generally used to design the furniture of kings’ courts so that the naked clothes of the nobles would be less wrinkled.

On the other hand, they used the art of touch embroidery for luxury doors, wall frames next to the bed and the throne. In general, this art is used in addition to the comfortable sofa for the classic sofa, and it is only in the selection of buttons and studs that the choice is somewhat different. Pearl jewels are supposed to be used for classic furniture that needs more embellishment. And they use fabric studs that represent a simpler style for comfortable furniture.

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Boston sofa

Boston comfort furniture is one of the types of comfort furniture that gives a special beauty to home decoration. Boston sofa is a beautiful and comfortable furniture for your dream living room. Boston sofa has a high density sponge to maintain and maintain the shape of the sofa.

The contrast of fabric colors between the chairs of this furniture has given it a striking and different look. The cold foam in this furniture greatly increases its comfort and completely eliminates the worry of sleeping on the floor.
The high color spectrum of the fabric of this furniture can fully meet the needs of any taste.

A variety of lampshades standing and table next to this furniture can create a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere for eating ideal food with its unique lighting.

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