Artin classic dining service

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Artin classic dining service

There are a variety of dining table models, some of which are inspired by classic furniture and although they are very simple in appearance, they do not look ordinary. These types of tables can be used for houses with modern classic decoration, which, although they take up little space, also have a lot of space for food and other receptions.

Different shapes of dining table

Today, all equipment is produced with different designs and shapes so that people can make the best choice according to their needs. Dining is no exception and it can be said that dining is produced and marketed in two general shapes, circular and rectangular. . Here are two ways to eat:

Round dining table

It is suitable for small spaces and brings a feeling of more intimacy to family members. If you use a dining table for group games, a round dining table is undoubtedly the best choice for you. This form of dining is quite suitable for families with small children due to the lack of corners, and it is recommended to buy dining with this condition.

It should be noted that a round dining table can not be placed in the corners of the house without creating a mess, as well as because it can not be placed many chairs around it, it is not suitable for families who host crowded parties.

Rectangular dining table

A rectangular dining table gives your home a more traditional and formal look than a round dining table. Rectangular and square dining tables take up less space and can be used in the corners of the house with ease. Rectangular dining tables are produced in different sizes and designs.

The number of people present at the rectangular dining tables is more than the round dining table. For this reason, a rectangular dining table is more suitable for parties and dinners. Disadvantages include less intimacy between people at the table, relatively difficult access to food, sharp corners, and danger to children.

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