Araz classic dining service

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Araz classic dining service

In most homes, there is a dining table in the corner of the house or kitchen where family members gather around the table for a meal and enjoy being together. They usually set the dining table with sofas and buy them together to make the house look more one-handed.

Apart from the appearance of the dining table, its strength and durability are important points that should be considered; Also, if you are one of the people who constantly change the decoration of your home, avoid buying heavy dining tables and choose a table that is easily portable and portable.

There are a variety of dining table models, some of which are inspired by classic furniture and although they are very simple in appearance, they do not look ordinary. These types of tables can be used for houses with modern classic decoration, which, although they take up little space, also have a lot of space for food and other receptions.

Benefits of Araz Classic Dining Service

Araz classic service is considered as a classic furniture according to the inlaid work, structure and design style. This sofa service provides you with a good living room compared to other classic services due to its suitable height. They cut a predetermined pattern designed by professional designers.

The single sofas in this set have a different design with the sofas. On the coil, a cover made of dense plastic and synthetic fibers is stretched and strong straps are used on it, which increases the strength of the sofa. A 35 kg sponge is used on the handles and support of this sofa, on which a layer of lycopene is stretched, which increases the durability and softness of the sponge. Single sofas are used as dining service chairs.

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In this design, suitable dimensions have been considered, which are also suitable for small houses, and you will no longer have environmental problems.

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