Chesterlife Modern Dining Service

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Chesterlife Modern Dining Service

For a long time, the dining table was no longer just a luxury item for the living room. Now, whether your house is big or small, you will definitely find a place for a dining table in it! It seems that today’s kitchens are not defined without a dining table. To buy a standard table and chair, you should pay attention to the height of the table to match your physical characteristics. For example, if you are not very tall, you should go to tables that are shorter than normal.

To identify a standard desk, do the following:

When sitting on a chair, behind the table, the height of the table should be up to the bottom of your chest and the distance from the elbow to the body should not be more than 40 cm, otherwise the table is not standard, when you eat at a standard table, all members should Make your body feel comfortable. The table should not be so short that you have to eat with your back bent or so high that you feel suffocated.

The chair should be soft and comfortable and the angle of the bottom mattress should be 90 degrees so that digestion can be done easily. The longer you eat, and the slower you eat, the better your digestion and the less damage you do to your organs, but if you do not feel comfortable eating and do not have a standard posture, you want to eat as soon as possible. Finish and return to the original state.

Multiple dining table

The size of the dining tables and chairs, like all other catering equipment, goes up and down in proportion to the number of family members and the number of guests. The best-selling and most beautiful models of the day are usually 6-person and 8-person. . Small and compact tables are often placed in the kitchen for breakfast and dinner, and larger tables are used in the reception hall and for guests.

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