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Paolo Modern Dining Service

For a long time, the dining table was no longer just a luxury item for the living room. Now, whether your house is big or small, you will definitely find a place for a dining table in it! It seems that today’s kitchens are not defined without a dining table.

Styles and models

The difference in styles and models allows the buyer to be aware of the best. The glass models are very beautiful and at the same time very heavy and dangerous. Wooden models are the most popular. Some of these items have carved edges and have mosaics with different styles on them. Round and rectangular models are both popular, but rectangular models are more airy because they fit more easily into the empty space of the house. Round models have more wood-glass style, so that a layer of wood and a layer of glass are placed on it, which can be said to have its own beauty. Jahantab consultants will help you choose the most suitable type of table.

Dining table color

The color of the dining table is one of the points that you should pay attention to when buying. If you choose wooden tables, pay attention to the dark and light color of the wood and harmonize with other home furnishings. If your table also has a synthetic table top, you can easily buy it in any color.

The best wood for your table

The best tables and chairs in terms of material and beauty are made of wood whose tree grows only in South America. Bamboo wood and black wood are some of the good woods that are bought for this item. Blackwood is very resistant to water, moisture, cold and heat. To make these woods stronger, they are tested in both extreme cold and extreme heat. These sticks have a very strong core and are therefore very expensive. Most expensive and popular brands are made from this type of wood, but walnut wood is also very suitable for these goods and most buyers go for this type of wood.

Another wood suitable for the dining table is beech wood, which has a more reasonable price and reasonable quality than other woods. This wood has a reddish cream color and its inside is not clear. Beech wood has a homogeneous and dense texture, and this density makes this type of wood resistant to fungi and insects. Durability of beech wood is one of its most important features that has been used in the construction of Jahantab dining tables.

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