Modern Florence dining service

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Modern Florence dining table

The dining table is an important part of the wood service that can be placed both in the kitchen and in the dining room. When buying a dining table, you should choose it in harmony with your furniture and home decoration style. There are dining tables in a variety of sports, modern and classic, the choice of which depends on the style of your home decoration. Choose a suitable space to place the dining table because it should be the necessary space for traveling and sitting, if your kitchen or dining room is small, use a compact dining table. The new dining tables are such that one side of the table is on the bench and the other three sides of the table are filled with chairs, this style of dining tables are very modern and stylish.

Florence dining service is a modern and popular design. Florence modern-style dining service is a beautiful combination of tools and aesthetics that has grown since the twentieth century with clean lines and sharp angles and special indentations. Modern and stylish dining table set should have in addition to beauty other criteria such as construction elegance, design elegance, color harmony, ease of use, quality materials and high strength. Therefore, we recommend that when you are looking to buy a modern and stylish dining table set, pay attention to all these criteria along with fashion and beauty and equally.

Its chairs are Florence design. They are made of the best materials with high quality.


  • Very beautiful with modern design
  • Suitable for indoor environments
  • High strength wooden body
  • The living room is a cold molded mold with fabric and leather upholstery
  • Base of natural beech wood
  • For interiors, restaurants, waiting rooms and home spaces
  • Comfortable and almond

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