Lorenzo Classic Bed Service

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Lorenzo Classic Bed Service

If you are looking for an ultra-luxury bed service similar to only available in Italian products, choose the LORENZO model bed service. Classic bedding is made with beech wood, walnut wood and other hardwoods. Therefore, the production price of this style of work is slightly higher than other works. On the other hand, its resistance and efficiency are higher than other products.

You can use different color themes that different wood materials have provided for you. Choose your bed service according to the type of ideation and color that prevails in the space. If you are interested in dark colors, the color of wood is darker, and if you have an idea with a light color theme, you can use cream woods. It all depends on your taste and home environment. For example, if you want to experience a completely classic space in your bedroom, you can use the dark color bed service to decorate the space with dark curtains, curtains and bedspreads.

Classic layout prevents duplication of your interior decoration; This means that when you choose to have your arrangement done in a classic style, you can have a completely unique decoration. Because the diversity in this field is very high.

The unique style of this royal bed service lies in its unique inlay work.

Features of Lorenzo Sleep Service

To produce this royal bed service, 6 of the best woodcarvers work continuously for a month. Unique inlaid output and Italian design of this product is Lorenzo ultra-luxury bed service. The inlays on the crown of this design are very beautiful. The images of this product clearly show its beauty and eye-catching elegance to others, and no doubt everyone will be thrilled to see this work of art in your home.

The wood used in this product is Georgian beech wood, which is very high quality. And its painting is done in several stages, which in addition to beauty, increases its durability. The quality and design of the work is world-class. You can find examples of this work only among products made in Italy.


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