Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions


The purpose of forming Evin Home Company and also opening Evin Home site is to meet the maximum needs of customers and also to create a safe and secure environment and guarantee customers’ orders according to their request to buy furniture and accessories. We hope to be able to attract your dear customers by providing quality sales services


Most products are placed on the site with appropriate descriptions. If you need more information, contact us through contact channels such as consultation form, WhatsApp, phone call.


Due to the nature of its production, this company is able to produce products based on your taste and choice. It will have good advice for you in the field of new models and materials.


No, you can contact our consultants and make your purchase by phone or in person.


Yes, contact Evin Home consultants for coordination.


This is one of the common beliefs among the people. Some people believe that the higher the length of the back and the support of a sofa and the more upright the body is, the more comfortable it is, and some prefer shorter supports. In answer to this question we must say no! Comfort is a completely mental and abstract concept and may have a different definition for each person. So when buying a sofa, you should find the most ideal possible position for you according to the dimensions such as length, width, height of the sofa, as well as the degree of elasticity and indentation of the pillows and cushions while sitting on it. The best way to find out is to try several sofas with different specifications and find the ideal values ​​for these dimensions and sizes. Again, the choice of these dimensions depends solely on your taste and comfort. Because factors such as height and weight and even the height of your neck will also play a role in this.


A suitable cushion consists of two parts: a core part consisting of a high-density foam wrapped in a layer of softer foam. Harder foam maintains the cohesion and durability of the cushion, and softer foam brings you comfort. When buying a sofa, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a proper balance between the two different parts of the cushion, so that while maintaining cohesion and condition in the long run, you can enjoy the softness of your sofa enough.


There is usually a lot of mischief and fraud in the details. Many mass-producers simply fabricate fabrics and frames separately and assemble them on top of each other. If a comfortable sofa is a sofa, the frame and fabric of which are designed and prepared for each other, just like a suit sewn on a person’s body. It does not matter how much it costs to make this suit, because if it does not fit your body, it will still look bad.


Evin Home site is a suitable platform for smart consulting about sofa, bed, upholstery, accessories, dining, showcase and console, which can provide information about Evin Home products and services to customers online and by phone. Need to place an order.


Most of the company’s products are produced and distributed under the Evin Home brand. Some domestic and foreign partners also brand and package our products with their own brands.


Contact the website consultants for the best help. You can also send us your request from the forms on the site.


There are no restrictions on shipping. You can either send your own means of receiving your goods or you can send it to us. We cooperate with reputable carriers that move furniture and accessories professionally.


Yes, the distance to the destination and the number of your goods.


Yes. All products are provided with complete and customizable colors, in which case it is enough to present and order your desired color with the color code and fabric you want.


About 7 to 10 meters


The cost of repairing a sofa depends on the size, model and item being repaired

The cost of supplying upholstery fabric

The cost of foam or cloud

Ranking cost of job parts

Execution wages

transport cost