Types of dining tables

The dining table is one of the utensils that is located in the center of your dining room and is a place where you can talk to your guests and have food with your family. When buying a table, which model of dining table to choose is very important because this device is used more than home furniture, so it should not be chosen in a hurry. This article mentions the types of dining tables.



There are different types of dining tables in the market with different shapes, materials and styles that are made for spaces with different styles. Before you go to the market to buy a suitable dining table, you should consider several factors so that you can make the right choice, the space used, the table material and its fit with the decoration of other parts of the house are among the things that should be considered.

Choosing a suitable dining table for the house is not a difficult task, but it is enough to be a little careful and carefully consider all the conditions for buying a suitable table.

Different styles of dining table

The most important thing when buying a new dining table is its style, to choose a suitable style, you should start from your lifestyle. By determining the style, you can choose the visual language of your home appliances. How and where you want to use your dining table is one of the most important points in choosing the right style for your dining table.

Traditional style is still one of the most common styles in dining tables. This style of dining table is often carved with wood or has a precise structure with magnificent symmetries that make this style unique and powerful.
The modern style dining table is a beautiful combination of tools and aesthetics that has started its growth since the twentieth century with clean lines and sharp angles and special indentations of surfaces.
Rural or natural styles The dining table is made of colorless wood in natural shapes that are manually engraved on them and conveys a sense of nature and wooden huts.
The appearance of industrial style tables is similar to the appearance of factory tools, which is made of bare metals and wooden objects with a purposeful look.
Some types of dining table models are made with a focus on simplicity and usability without unnecessary glamor.
The look of today’s dining table designs can include a wide range that semantically reflects the look of contemporary life. Contemporary style tables can be configured with any material and shape.

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Suitable size for dining table

It is very important that your dining table, in addition to being comfortable, fits the scale of your dining room. You certainly do not want your dining table to be too big or too small. If you follow the basic measurement instructions before buying a table, you can find a table that fits your dining room.

Let the distance between the table and the wall be 24 cm so that people can easily sit on the table or get up from it.
If people intend to go behind the table, the allowable distance between the table and the wall should be 38 cm.
The distance between the seats should be 24 cm so that the elbows of the people sitting next to each other do not touch when eating.
The maximum width of the dining tables should be 48 cm, the more space there is, the guests can not access everything on the table and it becomes difficult for them to talk.
The minimum width of the table should be 36 cm so that there is room to place food in the middle of the table and people can easily access the food.
The minimum width of the table should be 36 cm so that there is space to place food in the middle of the table and people can easily access the food.

If you have enough space for a dining table, it is better to choose your dining table model based on the number of people who usually sit at the table for dinner.

Types of dining tables with different shapes

Choosing the shape and model of the dining table is very important in creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in the house. Types of dining tables in different shapes such as square, rectangle, circle and other shapes have been marketed by manufacturing companies to meet all tastes and needs of people.


Among the types of dining tables that are available in the market, the rectangular table is one of the most common and popular models of dining tables. This form of table is very suitable for families of four. These dining table models are often flexible because many of them have a folding section that increases the length of the table when opened. Rectangular dining tables with the most efficient features are the best choice for modern decorations.

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The simplest design for a dining table is a square shape, which is also the best choice for square rooms. When your number of guests is low, choosing a square table is very smart because a large table will take up a lot of space in your home. Square dining tables can also be used for small restaurants and crowded spaces. You can put two square dining tables together to have a rectangular dining table for special occasions.

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Round tables are very useful for small rooms, especially square rooms. Circular tables allow you to change the position of the chair and create a cozy and intimate environment, so they are the best model for parties with small groups. A large circular dining table can make people feel distant. To increase the size of the circular table, folding models can be selected that can be deformed into an oval shape if necessary, making it possible to accommodate more people.

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Another popular model among dining tables is the oval table, which has a curved surface like a circular table but takes up more space. The oval dining table is similar to a rectangular table, but due to its rounded corners, it visually takes up less space than a rectangular table. Therefore, oval dining tables are suitable for narrow and small rooms. Many oval dining table models have a folding section to increase their capacity.

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Free form

There is no specific definition for the design of this type of dining table. This dining table model includes many examples of tables with different shapes that may not be standard. Like an L-shaped table that has only one base pair or examples of tables that look like a round triangle are considered free designs.


We have already said that the point that should be considered in choosing the model of dining tables is the amount of available space. Fortunately, there are plenty of foldable tables on the market today. This model can be opened from the dining table during the meal and can be collected afterwards and prevents wasting of home space.

Folding tables are made in square, rectangular and circular shapes, but unfortunately they are difficult to find in the market unless we can order our desired model from a carpenter.

Another way to use a dining table in small houses that have a common space between living and dining is to use an open as a dining table. This model of dining table is very popular in modern and even classic style houses and many people prefer to make the most of the open kitchen.

If the space of your house is small but you do not want to use folding models of dining table or open as a table, it is recommended to use circular or oval dining tables. This model of dining table can be used in any space due to its curved shape and lack of angles and corners, and with the help of them, more people can be invited to eat.

Your home space may be such that you can not use the models available in the market. In these cases, it is better to design a suitable dining table space with the help of an interior designer and make it custom. To get ideas, you can visit the sites and get acquainted with different types of custom dining tables.

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